What is fascinating about Desert Safari Dubai?

Out of seven, Dubai is the second largest United Arab Emirates and is considered the commercial capital of the Emirates and the Middle East. The city of Dubai is popularly known as the “City of Merchants”.

Like its big sister Abu Dhabi, Dubai is a unique mix of East and West, a fascinating combination of Eastern charm and Western modernity. The excursion that takes us to the desert from Dubai is a journey from the most incredible “Asian luxury” to the wild desert nature surrounding it. The desert tribes maintain ancestral customs and skills with which they have been able to endure over time; hunting with trained falcons (on the back of their camels), sharing a shisha in the solitude of their camps or enjoying incomparable sunsets are part of a day to day life that has turned the people of the desert into extreme and privileged survivors, within this fascinating virgin land.

The truth is that Dubai has many things to do and see; However, its history has “been built” or “created” very recently; the truth is that it has turned out quite well. Still, you have to admit that: because of the weather, because of the distances between various points in the city, because of the price, because of the beaches and because of many other things, Dubai bored me.

So much so that we only lasted three days in Dubai until we decided to jump into the Persian gulf and go to India for two weeks. Because, in reality, you want to avoid being in a city like Dubai when transportation is so expensive. It’s so hot that you can’t walk normally; the water on the beach is so hot that it looks like a jacuzzi.

Like an amusement park, up and down, jump, run, and speed. Incredible dunes have a very pronounced height and inclination, which makes the adrenaline rush to the maximum.

But, on the way back from India, we spent another day and a half in Dubai. We took the opportunity to experience the desert, watch the sunset from the high and warm desert dunes of the United Arab Emirates and relax on our last night in the country. indeed, we liked it so much that anyone who asked me, “what to do in Dubai?” So my answer is that you can’t stop doing a 4×4 excursion through the desert and having dinner in a camp in the middle of the dunes.


From 3:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., departure to the Sharjah desert is only a short drive from Dubai. Once in the desert and following the adjustment of the 4X4 tires, our drivers will show their driving skills on the dunes, making the ride an exciting experience. Before heading to the camp, we will stop to watch the sunset. The changes in the sand’s colour and the dunes’ shadows will make this moment magical.

Travel by 4×4 through the deserts of Dubai on this exciting excursion! They call it “sandboarding” there, which gets your adrenaline pumping in the Dubai desert. But these excursions not only consist of making you feel as if you were surfing through large and high waves of the sea, but the experience continues after sunset with camel rides, smoking a hookah, enjoying a fantastic barbecue in the desert while making typical dances in the centre and like me, getting a souvenir henna tattoo for Spain. Gigantic Persian carpet in the middle of the desert for the evening show dinner. The delicious barbecue dinner under the Arabian stars and the belly dancing shows complete this incredible experience.

Camp in the middle of the desert, making hookah in the desert:

Many companies offered it, but for convenience and now, I think that it is always best to hire it at the hotel as we did so that they would come and pick us up at the door and we would not have to go shopping centre or place.

The 4×4 cars have air conditioning, which makes the experience much better, especially when it is hot in Dubai. The excursion usually includes everything mentioned before and even drinks (non-alcoholic,  which in Dubai is not well seen, another thing is what they do behind closed doors). The night ended with an Arab party on the vast carpet in the desert.

The landscape is like something out of a movie; without a doubt, it is a beautiful place with no noise and peace and penetrating silence. In addition, the guide who goes with the driver usually tells details of the most relevant sites along the way.

You have to enjoy the desert dunes of the United Arab Emirates, and the truth is that sitting on top of one of them, closing your eyes or looking at the distant horizon and feeling the breeze is a unique experience.

You have to enjoy the desert dunes of the United Arab Emirates, and the truth is that sitting on top of one of them, closing your eyes or looking at the distant horizon and feeling the breeze is a unique experience. The sunset in the desert, with the heat and mist, gives us great colours.

To finish and as a curiosity, which you certainly did not know, the belly dance show is cancelled during Ramadan. So it makes sense that they cannot have impure thoughts during this time.

Once in the camp, you will have several options; all activities, dinner and drinks (soft drinks, water, coffee and tea) are included in the price. For dinner, have a barbecue under the starry sky, and taste various types of meat, appetisers, salads and typical sweets from the region. The final point is marked by the different shows, including the famous belly dance and the Tanura (traditional Egyptian dance).

Information regarding children:

  • It is not recommended for children under 12 years of age.
  • Discounts for children are applied only on individual excursions.
  • Not combinable with other offers.
  • It is essential to send a copy of the child’s Identity Document.
  • From 13 years pay as an adult.
  • 6-hour excursion.
  • A child seat is compulsory for children up to 3 years old and has a €28 per child supplement.
  • This excursion is carried out WITHOUT a guide.
  • The excursion’s duration is estimated; it will depend on when the ship arrives and other factors.