Reasons Why You Should Play Razz Poker Now at Pokerbaazi

Razz Poker

Like so many other poker games, once it is featured in the World Series of Poker, it develops quite a following, as is the case with Razz poker. Razz has also become popular due its distinctive rules and structure. Strip Razz down and you have an ace low stud poker variant with the objective of attaining the lowest hand possible, that of an unsuited ace through five. Razz is one of the components of mixed game play poker games such as HORSE. Newcomers to Razz will find it presents quite a challenge. This brief outline is designed as an introduction to the structure of Razz and to give you some basis of the strategies that will eventually allow you to become a fierce opponent.

So, Razz Poker Works How?

As stated earlier, Razz is akin to low-hand seven card stud and is played with a maximum of eight players with a limit betting structure. The game starts with a deal of three cards, two face up, one face down to each player followed by a betting round led by the player with the highest card. In a tie, the suit is the tie breaker. Another face-up card is dealt and the player with the lowest hand leads the next betting round. The rounds continue until each player is dealt the fifth card and from here on the bets are doubled. After the final card is dealt face down, the play commences with the player who led off the sixth round, if he hasn’t previously folded. If such is the case, the play begins with the second player in the sixth round, and on it goes.

The Ultimate Strategy in Razz Poker

An unsuited ace, two, three would be the lowest possible starting hand in Razz and a sensible strategy would be for the players with low, single cards below ten to remain in the game to the next round. A player with any hand of single cards below seven has a strong hand and an all out aggressive strategy is a good option should the other players be showing a weaker one. If the holder of the seven-high hand sees that the lowest face up card on the table is a ten, his odds at the pot are very high and he should proceed to value bet.

All players must closely observe the visible cards and recalculate their odds of obtaining a pair (a bad thing) or single cards (a good thing). It is not unusual for a player to take advantage of his table position to form a betting strategy when opponents are showing lower cards. A good strategy here would be to value bet even if you are drawing into the fourth round because you have a strong starting hand plus you may be drawing into an even lower one. The other players may be also drawing into lower hands and placing some profound bets, enhancing the pot for you.

A deep understanding of the tactics and strategies of Razz is supremely important to becoming a competitive player. You must know when to fold on a loser and not expect to draw to a low hand when it is a very long shot as your opponents are apt to have a lower hand from the get go. You must also know that a good table position gives you a betting edge as you may encourage players with marginal hands to remain in the game and ante up till they fold, donating all those antes to the pot, which is yours.

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