Benefits of Choosing Japan Dedicated Server plans by Onlive Server

Japan Dedicated Server

If you have decided to expand your business to Japan, one of the first things you will have to do is decide where to host your website. While there are many options available to you when it comes to hosting your site, the most effective choice you can make is to host it on an Onlive Server Japan Dedicated Server. By doing so, you will be able to reach more potential customers, as well as make more sales and get more traffic than if you were hosting it anywhere else. In this article, we will go over some of the reasons why you should use a Japan Dedicated Server for your Japanese hosting needs!

Reasons why you should host in Japan

If you are running an international business with clients based in Japan, there is no question that you should look into hosting your company’s website there. Not only will doing so increase your visibility on Japanese search engines like Yahoo and Google, but it will also make it more convenient for visitors from that country. With Onlive Server, customers can access our 24/7 customer support department through instant chat or by phone. Additionally, our efficient servers deliver faster page loading speeds and quicker load times than competitors like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure offer. All of these factors make hosting your business’ website in Japan with Onlive Server one of the best decisions you can make for increasing visibility among Japanese users of all ages.

We don’t just host websites; we serve them. Our platform makes your website as easy to access and run as possible. Japan Dedicated Server on-demand performance; you get all of our resources when you need them. Access additional security measures with unlimited DDoS protection and IP filtering, or create an SSL certificate for enhanced trustworthiness. Whatever you need, we got it—and we’ll deliver it with 100% uptime guarantees, secure connectivity, and 24/7 support from experts who are there for you all day long and beyond. Whether your website is for business or pleasure (yes, work should be fun), Onlive Server is here for you at whatever time of day fits your schedule best.

The Best Reasons Why You Should Choose Onlive Server’s World-Class Services

Located in Tokyo, Onlive Server’s data center is one of the top data centers in all of Asia, supporting extremely high-speed connectivity into and out of all areas of Japan. We understand that it is crucial for you to improve your business’s overall performance while maintaining your website’s availability, integrity, and uptime, as well as complying with government regulations and staying compliant with industry standards. Our server hosting solutions enable you to do just that; not only can you deploy software patches seamlessly through our cloud hosting solutions, but you will also be able to monitor which components on your system are running properly. If there is ever an issue, we have 24/7 support staff ready to assist you via phone or chat. This way, if something does go wrong (and it rarely does), we’ll have someone working hard on resolving any issues so that your downtime is minimal. Additionally, we offer a 99% network uptime guarantee and power redundancy at no additional cost so that you can stay online even during natural disasters such as earthquakes or typhoons. And if you’re looking for more ways to increase your web presence in Japan, then look no further than our dedicated servers: they provide faster page load times thanks to their super-fast processors and high bandwidth connections – perfect for Japanese customers who want a seamless experience when browsing your site!

Are there Free Domain Names offered

The good news is that there are free domain name registration services available. Many newbie webmasters will tell you otherwise, but they’re wrong. Most domain registrars offer at least one free .com, .net, or .org domain for each account (and sometimes more). This can be a hassle, so make sure you read their terms of service before going down that route. You can also find many expired domains on auction sites like Flippa. These tend to be cheaper than regular registrations because they come with no guarantees and require some work on your part—you may need to buy hosting from another provider as well as transfer over an existing site—but if it works out, it could save you money.

Free domain names are offered for as long as you’re willing to pay for hosting. If you want free domain names for life, there are some types of hosting packages that may offer that opportunity. For example, a .com .net .org .info or other third-level domains can be included at no additional cost when signing up with an Onlive server package. A two-year renewal is available at heavily discounted rates when compared with one-year prices so you can save even more money on each year thereafter if you choose not to renew your account annually. This makes it possible for you to get a free third-level domain name indefinitely by simply signing up and paying for two years upfront.


There are many advantages of hosting your website on a Japanese server. Many people consider Japan as one of the best countries for startups and for growing your company. The simple truth is that it doesn’t matter if you want to host your business in Taiwan, Russia, or Hong Kong; you will always get better performance by choosing Japan instead. So what are you waiting for? Choose Onlive Server today and enjoy an exceptional web hosting experience from start to finish. Give us an opportunity to earn your trust and show our dedication to delivering high-quality service. We hope that you can appreciate our efforts here. If there is anything else we can do, please feel free to contact us at any time!